2005_08_pirro2.jpgAs if things couldn't get worse for Jeanine Pirro, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has told the Westchester County DA to get out of the race for US Senate. Pirro has been fighting an uphill battle ever since her campaign started with a flub and the more recent news that her fundraising has been less than stellar. In his statement, Bruno said:

"I have said from the beginning, and I know a lot of my colleagues, and people within the party, share the thought, that she would make a great attorney general. By background, by her experience, by her prosecutorial record. And I hope that before this procedure gets too much further, that Jeanine Pirro would reconsider and run for A.G."

Ouch! But it seems like Bruno is just stating the obvious - Westchester DA to state attorney general, makes sense to us. In response to Bruno's statement, Pirro released a short statement, "Senator Bruno is a respected majority leader and I appreciate his confidence in my abilities. However, I am a candidate for U.S. Senate." We wonder if Pirro will be sending Senator Bruno a Christmas card this year.

The Post thinks that, while right, Bruno is just filling the vacuum left by the lame-duck officials at the top of his party.