2006_02_bruno.jpgDid anyone see news footage of State Senator Joseph Bruno last night? He made some comments regarding the possibility that Mayor Bloomberg would back a Democrat for a State Senate seat in Queens in order to wrest control State Senate control from Republicans. Bruno is the majority leader, and if Democrats were able to gain some seats this fall, he'd be outta luck, so he told reporters:

"The way you deal with us is not to bully, and it is not to threaten. The mayor is smart enough to know that. And the mayor is also smart enough to know that bullies end up with bloody noses."

Huh, when we were in school, bullies just ended up with our lunch money and self-respect. Anyway, Bruno used to box when he was in the military (Korean War military, that is), and if there's one thing Gothamist would love to see, it would be 76 year old Bruno throw down with Bloomberg. Bloomberg has been saying that he's just looking out for NYC's best interests, since the State Senate won't, but $20 bucks says he asks his personal trainer to work on his left hook.

WNBC 4 actually had a cool graphic of other Senate seat races that Bloomberg might look into backing - here's hoping it pops up somewhere.