Mayor de Blasio would like Brooklyn and the Barclays Center to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, noting, "The progressive spirit of New York City has never been stronger or more vibrant than it is today. The values of the Democratic Party—inclusion, diversity, compassion—are part of our city's spirit." Finally, there's a video to go along with that pitch:

Citi Bike. The New York Botanical Garden. World's Fair Ground. The Cyclone. Tattooed mixologist. Outer-borough green taxi. Brownstones. Ethnic enclaves. The Staten Island Ferry. The High Line. The 9/11 Memorial. Lady Liberty—if we were playing a NYC drinking game, we'd be totally wasted.

The video was shown in a meeting between NYC officials and Democratic officials yesterday; the NY Times reports:

"A city of neighborhoods, a place to call home, a destination worth the trip,” an off-screen narrator says. As scenes of a Yankees parade and a Nets game flash by, the narrator says: “This is a city where history is made in the Bronx, while dinner is served in Queens and memories are made in Brooklyn.”

Dinner, presumably, is also being made in the other four boroughs, although those meals go unmentioned.

The other cities interested in hosting the 2016 DNC are Birmingham, Alabama; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Phoenix, Arizona. But let's face it—Hillary should have her homecoming here, right?