Earlier this morning, the Bruckner Expressway's southbound lanes were closed due to an accident. Now it turns out the accident was caused by a wrong-way driver who slammed her car into a tractor-trailer around 3 a.m.

A woman in her 20s was driving north in the southbound lanes. The Daily News reports, "Other motorists desperately maneuvered to avoid the wayward white 2011 Hyundai Sonata, a witness told the Daily News. But the car rammed into a tractor-trailer in the middle lane near Middletown Road." The truck's driver said, "She was coming the wrong way. "She hit me right in the front of the truck... It happened very fast. There was no time to do nothing." He said the driver didn't seem to notice she was driving in the wrong lane, "She was driving straight. The other cars were swerving around her."

After the crash, the Hyundai's driver was taken to Jacobi Hospital where she died. The truck driver and his wife were not injured. The lanes were reopened around 7:40 a.m. but there were residual delays. The News adds, "After the crash, glass and personal effects from the woman's crushed vehicle littered the roadway, including dozens of 4-by-6-inch photographs, birthday and graduation cards and a school tassel. There was also a signed 8-by-10 photo of Derek Jeter, two disposable cameras and an iPhone."