Apartment in Ratner's clutches; Photo: NY Daily News

Some people wish for that dream job. Other daydream about a knight in shining armor or someone comfortably within the Madonna/whore complex. New Yorkers, however, tend to hallucinate about real estate - "Will the owners rent to me?" "Can I find a place downtown and within my budget?" "Will I pass the co-op board?" etc. So news of Brooklyn developer and new Nets owner Bruce Ratner's offer to buy out residents of one Brooklyn building, near where he wants to build the new Brooklyn Nets arena, seems like a fantasy: He's basically paying owners twice the amount their apartments cost. And these aren't your standard downtown Brooklyn apartments - this is a, according to the Daily News, "swank" condo, with owners of a $600,000 three bedroom, 1300 square-foot apartment getting $1.2 million to get out. The Daily News reports that some residents are worried that Ratner's moves will force people to make deals, because "nobody wants to make the last to make a deal." Well, money does talk. What Gothamist wants to know is when is Ratner coming to Manhattan? We'd like to sell him our old TV for twice what it's worth; our argument is that the TV will get in the way of us going to Brooklyn for Brooklyn Nets games.

The Daily News also looks at what $1.2 million can buy in the five boroughs: "Park Ave., Manhattan - A 'super-luxury' one-bedroom apartment" and "Jamaica Estates, Queens - A six-bedroom Tudor."

Gothamist on the Nets coming to Brooklyn and on NYC real estate.