We know how you feel. We live here too.

So, we’d like to take this moment to remind you of some of the more positive aspects of this chilly weather that simply won't go away.

For one - gloves. They shield your hands from slimy door handles and snot-covered subway poles. When spring arrives the gloves come off you'll be forced to surf the subway again. To do this correctly (on the inside of the train for the love of god) you’ll need to place your feet a little wider apart, create a lower base of support then just counter balance your weight when the train starts and stops.

Second - coats. Their pockets can fit/hide everything from keys and gum to colorful condoms. And, think of that beautiful isolation from other human beings that you enjoy under that coat.

Third - killer traps. As you exit any indoor space to the outdoor world your body responds by contracting your shoulder blades up to your ears. I'll bet those trapezius muscles are looking mighty fine by now.

Fourth - Hot Chocolate. Not that you can't drink it year round but it simply does not have the same comforting effect when you are not freezing your butt off.

Enjoy these ‘perks’ while you can.