Coinciding with this weekend's funeral for slain Brownsville mom Zurana Horton, the Post published a harrowing look at gang violence in Brownsville, where young thugs are organizing in increasingly smaller, irrational, and "hot headed" groups. If you're a fan of the Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings, you're going to love today's hot new micro-gangs, which include groups such as 8 Block, the Rock Stars, and the Very Crispy Gangsters. (Their arch-enemies: the Soggy Assassins.)

In 2008, New York published a scary story about the rise of "a new kind of gang. The massive, corporate-style drug organizations of the eighties and early nineties are long gone from the streets of Brooklyn—driven out during the boom years by aggressive policing and an improved economic outlook. What they left in their wake is a wildly fractured drug market populated by an amorphous and crowded field of close-knit, hard-to-identify miniature gangs—and a form of violence that may be even more difficult to tamp down than what came before it."

Much of the violence these days differs from previous gang violence, investigators say, in that well-established gangs often commit murders as premeditated hits, in part because too much bloodshed is bad for business, especially when innocent bystanders get taken out. These days, someone gets dissed on Twitter or Facebook, and the so called "Young Guns" start shooting indiscriminately.

"The big shootouts we’ve seen in the last couple of years, it’s almost always a Young Gun,” said one gang investigator. "They’ll go to a house party and get into it with another crew, or they’ll see a rival gang on their block. That’s all it takes. Someone pulls out a piece, and you get guys firing at each other, sometimes in the middle of the day with other people around. It’s amazing how many times the victims are bystanders."

This appears to have been what killed Horton, who threw herself in front of children outside a public school, using herself as a human shield to protect them from gunfire from a nearby rooftop. 18-year-old Andrew Lopez has reportedly confessed to the shooting. He's a member of 8 Block, and cops say he spotted members of a rival gang from the Howard Projects "fronting" on 8 Block turf. Lopez informed his half-brother, 8 Block leader Jonathan Carrasquillo, 22, who allegedly told Lopez to go to the roof and "do what you have to do."