No one likes flying into or out of LaGuardia Airport, and Governor Cuomo wants nothing more than to put his mark on the world with a 63% less hellish version of the airport. In the mean time though, travelers passing through the country's nicest airport for delays get to experience the airport's unique charms, like a ceiling in one terminal that poured brown water onto the floor today.

A trio of travelers, including (The New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin) all shared pictures of the water gushing out of the ceiling in LaGaurdia's Terminal B.

Oh LGA you dirty piece of garbage. #lga

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It's the continuation of a tough week for LaGuardia, which also saw numerous flight delays after a lightning strike burned a hole in one of the airports runways. If we're scoring by the Biblical plagues (Passover will be here sooner than you think), with water into blood and storms out of the way, travelers should look out for wild beasts, frogs and darkness soon. We've reached out to the Port Authority for an explanation on the leaky ceiling and will update this story if we receive a reply.