The older brother of the Connecticut woman who was severely mauled by her friend's 200-pound chimpanzee in February told the Daily News, "When she gets knocked down, she gets back up...Her psychiatrist asked her if she wanted to know anything about the event. She said, 'Nope. That's in the past.'" Charla Nash has been at the Cleveland Clinic for treatment; older brother Stephen and twin brother Michael have been taking turns being with her in Ohio and caring for her daughter in Connecticut. Michael Nash said, "Her acceptance [of her injuries] just shows her courage and fortitude. She's not concerned about what happened, she just wants to get fixed," adding that the letters and cards from people wishing for her recovery have helped her. The brothers also spoke to the AP over the weekend, saying that their sister was scared of the chimp owned by Nash's friend and employer Sondra Herold, noting that Nash had welded the chimp's cage a few times. However, Herold's lawyer wonders why Nash would willing come to Herold's house if she was scared; the brothers filed a $50 million lawsuit against Herold.