2006_07_acunit.jpgBecause when brother's keepers walk out, problems arise. Eighteen year old Bernard Quiroz was supposed to be watching his two stepbrothers, 10 year old Michael and 17 month old Matthew Diaz, at their Staten Island apartment yesterday, while Michael and Matthew's dad, Luis Diaz, went to a drug treatment program (Diaz's wife was at work). But Quiroz went to cash a check and left the two youngsters in their room. Michael was sleeping, and Matthew, being a curious toddler, decided to crawl out the window (removing the plastic tarp) and onto the third floor air-conditioner. A Staten Island Advance newspaper girl spotted the precariously perched baby, and a police officer brought Matthew to safety.

Quiroz was charged with child endangerment, but the judge waived a $2,500 fine and the Staten Island DA's request for a restraining order. Diaz was glad, saying, "He shouldn't be penalized for making a mistake," but said he wouldn't let Quiroz baby-sit again. Yeah, we think not, though he probably learned his lesson.