The police had arrested two people in connection with the awful, fatal beating of a homeless man who was sleeping on a Bronx church's steps.

The homeless man, Miguel Dircio, 41, was lying on the steps of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine Church, at West Fordham Road and University Avenue, at 10:11 p.m. on June 19. Three individuals approached Dircio and they started to kick him in the head. The attack was captured on video:

Dircio died at Saint Barnabas Hospital on June 28. Yesterday, police arrested a pair of brothers, Angel Monegro, 17, and Noel Martinez, 24, and charged them with manslaughter. According to the Daily News, "The beating was in retaliation after Dircio punched Martinez and Monegro’s father in a nearby restaurant after an argument over the dad’s leftovers, cops said. The father told Martinez and Monegro about the incident, prompting the trio to go out hunting for the homeless man, authorities said."

Father Joseph Girone of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine told PIX 11 last week, "I believe [homeless people] sleep there precisely because it’s up high, and there’s a certain protection there, the lights are, on, and the fact that the man was assaulted, kicked in the head like that, in front of the church door, where it’s supposed to be a place of peace, at the very least, it’s disconcerting."