The 20-year-old brother of one of the men suspected of plotting to blow up Bronx synagogues and attack a National Guard base in Newburgh is speaking out. Lord McWilliams, brother of suspect David Williams, suffers from liver disease and tells the Daily News that the informant promised his brother $20,000 for a needed operation, "[My brother] told me, 'Don't worry, when you go to the doctor, tell them you got money.'" His mother adds that Williams told her he would give her money on Thursday (the day after the plot would take place), "He was a loving, sweet kid. He took his brother's illness worse than me." However, the Post says the informant did pay for McWilliams' transplant—and also promised to take him to Universal Studios. McWilliams said of his brother, now being held without custody, "He wasn't raised to blow anyone up. We weren't raised to kills Jews and Christians."