Vegan author Rynn Berry died after suffering a heart attack while jogging in Prospect Park on New Year's Eve—and now his half-brother has also suffered a fatal heart attack while jogging. Peter Berry, 60, died while jogging through Central Park on January 19th—just 10 days after his half-brother died. "It’s been a shock for the family," Charles Berry, the last surviving brother, told the News. "It's been terrible. It's still hard to believe."

Peter, who worked in tax and corporate trust law, was an avid bicyclist and squash player. "Peter was in very good shape," said Charles. "He was incredible with his yoga — very limber."

Rynn, an avid jogger and self-published author of The Vegan Guide to New York City, languished for days in a Park Slope hospital before his brother Charles identified him. Rynn was taken off life-support 10 days before his brother Peter succumbed to the same fate. "It's sort of a tragic coincidence," said Martin Rowe, a friend of Rynn. "Two men who in some form or another took care of themselves... Yet this happened."

Charles told DNAInfo that the family took some comfort in the fact both brothers died in a park: "They both loved those respective parks, so I suppose that's a positive aspect of it," Charles said. "But we've been terribly saddened, and appreciate all the warm feelings that people have expressed."