2006_03_brothel.jpgYesterday's crackdown on a Queens brothel revealed not just prositution: Two police officers were on the take as well, getting paid in money and "services." Two young police officers, Dennis Kim and Jerry Svoronos, worked vice at a Queens precinct, but ended up working with the operators Gina Kim and Geeho Chae of an Asian brothel in Flushing. The two were discovered when an actual undercover sting operation was taking place around prostitution, and Kim and Svornos avoided suspicion as they did bust some prostitution - mainly Kim and Chae's competition. (Officer Kim is no relation to Gina Kim.) The NY Times has interesting facts about the clientele - how only Chinese and South Korean clients were allowed, and how South Koreans were charged more than the Chinese - some of those cilents will be pissed to know they were gouged. This quote from Officer Kim about why he took bribes and arrested the brothel's enemies stuck with us: "I wanted to be the number one cop, you know. Because I wasn't making sergeant. You know I wasn't smart enough.