Last spring, a Brooklyn high school teacher was arrested and charged after she made "Columbine-like" threats to bring a gun to the school and "settle some scores." Fort Hamilton High School art teacher Sabrina Milo admitted she made the statements, but claimed she was just venting. All charges were dropped against her, but eight months later, the city has continued to look for ways to fire her—and now, Milo has decided to resign.

Milo acknowledged last week that she "used inappropriate language that caused disruption" and resigned rather than face a termination hearing. Milo previously described the incident in a television interview, explaining it stemmed from frustration with work: "I started crying and said, 'if I had a shotgun and a trench coat, it would be Columbine all over again.' I wasn't thinking. It was exercising poor judgment. The door was shut. It was adults. Many times we have gathered together and vented in our own ways." Officials said an assistant principal had given Milo a “letter of reprimand,” which amy have prompted the comments.

Milo had previously been suspended after hitting a student on the hand with a ruler, but many of her students defended her at the time, saying she just had a strange sense of humor. One student had said, "She jokes around a lot, she sings and dances a little bit just to make the classes fun. This must just be a real big misunderstanding—it's mad crazy." Her lawyer had recommend that she be medicated.