jedclampett.jpgWilliamsburg may be at the forefront of the energy independence movement. There appears to be 'a-bubblin' crude' leaking out of the ground at a construction site at Roebling and North 11th St. According to The New York Times, Brooklyn locals and bloggers have taken to referring to the site as the "Roebling Oil Field."

At the McCarren site, some obvious questions emerged: What is the black stuff, where did it come from, and is there more of it around the area, which is largely a former industrial zone?

Chris Almskog, a geologist working for an environmental consultant hired by the developer, McCarren Park Mews L.L.C., said there are two culprits. First, workers on the site unearthed an empty heating oil tank with some contaminated soil around it. Second, he said, what appears to be “some kind of petroleum product” was leaking into the site from the north or northeast.

Curbed noted the oozing back in February with some scary pictures indicating it's more than just a little oil. Lots of pictures of the Roebling Oil Field here.