The dissension over Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards development is at a furious boil. Politicians, neighbors and builders are locked in a death struggle, complete with heckling, catcalls and overheated titanium, over the fate of a possible "nine million square feet" of new buildings - "the equivalent of four Empire State Buildings" - could do to the community. For many people, the idea that there would be this huge influx of jobs and economic opportunities (not to mention more housing) make it a no-brainer. On the other hand, some residents fear that Brooklyn doesn't have the infrastructure to support such a massive undertaking and their communities will be harmed. What do think of the plans so far? What do you think of the politicians', developers', and community groups' arguments?

The watchdog groups and websites: Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, Times-Ratner Report and No Land Grab. And the only real pro-development site we can think of is Ratner's own paper. And the last Battle of Brooklyn that was this big was in 1776.