A pigeon in Brooklyn was recently rescued by some animal lovers after being "dangled upside down from a piece of string that was caught around her leg and tangled on a tree branch two stories above a busy sidewalk."

When a passerby contacted PETA, the bird was already there for days without food or water. The organization reports back that while local animal control agents were unable to help, "they referred our cruelty caseworker to the local fire department, which dispatched a truck minutes after. Firefighters drove by to survey the situation and returned in a truck with a tall ladder, which they climbed to reach the bird."

The pigeon's wounds were infested with maggots and it was rushed to a vet, who discovered it was suffering from a broken back, and put it out of its misery. PETA asks that everyone help an animal in need... think of how sad rat's story could have turned out.