The six Brooklyn friends whose cruise vacation to Antigua turned into a nightmare sat down with the Daily News to recount the worst vacation ever. One said of their time in a jail cell, "The things we take for granted were the things we were missing; the music, the fresh air, the McDonald's."

On September 4, Shoshanna Henry, Rachel Henry, Dolores Lalanne, Nancy Lalanne, Joshua Jackson, and Mike Pierre-Paul—all in their 20s—were arrested after getting into a scuffle with Antiguan police. Originally, they had been arguing with their cab driver, claiming he overcharged them, and then the cab driver took them to a police station.

The tourists say the plainclothes cops got physical them without identifying themselves, so of course they fought back. Dolores Lalanne said, "The only thing we're guilty of is self-defense." They were thrown in a prison "where male inmates threatened to sexually abuse the women" and where "feces and urine covered the floors and the cell was infested with rats and mosquitoes."

After being held in the cells for a few days and then with local families for a month, the six decided to plead guilty so they could get back to Brooklyn, though some have had to withdraw from their college semesters and may lose their jobs. Lalanne added, "I don't think any of us were happy to have to plead guilty (but) we felt we were in a losing battle [in court.]" And maybe not so coincidentally, Carnival Cruise Lines—the group's cruise line—decided to stop visiting Antigua on its routes.