A Brooklyn woman turned into the hero Williamsburg needed yesterday when she took matters into her own hands and battled crime with the bearhug of justice. Clara Vondrich, 36, was on her cell phone on South Third Street around 1:20 p.m. Friday when a 13-year-old and two friends approached her, allegedly pushed her and snatched her phone. They fled the scene, but Vondrich gave chase: "I was screaming the whole time, 'Get that kid!' " Vondrich recounted to the Post. "I finally said, 'Yo, I’ll give you $200 for that. Just stop.' "

The 13-year-old gave the phone to his friend, who ran off, but Vondrich kept running after the 13-year-old for five blocks, and eventually grabbed ahold of him at South Sixth Street and Wythe Avenue. She wrapped her arms around him in a bearhug, and held him for two minutes until cops arrived. "He was so pudgy and was slowing down, so that’s why I caught up to him," Vondrich told the Post, adding that she felt sorry for the teen.

The teen is expected to be charged with grand larceny. His mother was upset when she saw the photos of her son being held by Vondrich: "She has her hands all over him,” she asked the Post. "Why is she touching him like that?"

It is because he (allegedly) stole her phone. That's why.