A Greenpoint woman encountered a damaged sidewalk this weekend on her way to the marathon. A sidewalk so damaged, in fact, that it swallowed her whole! According to the Brooklyn Paper, Philippa Kaye walked right into the 3.5-foot deep hole, located at Flatbush and 5th Avenues in Brooklyn. She has photos, and she does not look happy in them (though one has to wonder how, in broad daylight, a person does not see a hole that large).

She told the paper, “The fact that it had no cover or anything on it to warn people was unique. It should be dealt with immediately. At night, someone can really break their leg.” A local says the ditch has been there for over a month, and has "become part of the landscape." (Even Google Maps shows that something has been going on at that corner.)

Once the Department of Environmental Protection saw photos (and heard the hole was about to get its first headline), they said they would fix it today. Perhaps instead of calling 311 for complaints, people should be contacting the press to get things done.