A Brooklyn woman is suing Coney Island Hospital, claiming that emergency-room personnel messed up a routine injection which led to her literally watching the skin peel off both her arms. Marie Louis-Jeune, 55, went to the hospital in April 2008 for treatment for her diabetes. The staff hooked her up to intravenous solutions, but missed her veins, leaving the calcium chloride solution to eat away the skin around her elbows and the underlying tissue. "It [the solution] ate away her skin as if it were a piranha," Jeune's lawyer Richard Mogg told the Post.

Jeune, a home health aide, still lives with debilitating pain from the injury, and has scars and limited motion in one arm even after the 4-inch round wounds healed. "It really hurts, now it hurts, and it’s like pins and needles from my arms. I got that scar for the rest of my life, and then I have the pain for the rest of my life.” she told CBS. Her case was heard yesterday as part of the court’s efforts to mediate malpractice cases, but Jeune sounded insulted by the initial figure the hospital offered her, and a trial is now set for Feb. 9. Her lawyer said, "Coney Island Hospital was clearly negligent and reckless in their treatment of Ms. Jeune. This didn’t happen once, it happened twice - to the same person.”