Police discovered this week that a Brooklyn woman had been living with the corpse of her deceased adult son for years.

The NYPD discovered the corpse at a home on Avenue N near East 22nd Street in Midwood on Thursday. According to PIX, a relative was at the home because the woman living there had fallen and had to be hospitalized. When she went to retrieve some belongings for her, she made the discovery, and notified authorities.

The News reports that the decomposing corpse was found in an attic bedroom.

PIX adds that the deceased man, whose name has not been released, was a former taxi driver who would have turned 51 this week. They say he was last seen in 2008 when he was in a car accident. Besides the mother, his family was reportedly estranged from him.

"She never said hello. She['s] always walking down the street with a grocery bag," a neighbor told the News about the woman, who they described as a recluse. "She would walk looking down. Something about her always seemed a little weird."

Medical examiners will determine the cause of death, though a police source told the News it is believed he had a terminal illness. Police add that the investigation is ongoing.