After receiving an anonymous 911 call, police found a 24-year-old—with a bullet in her head—outside her Brooklyn apartment building. Kazan Raoul was apparently shot in the head and arm in the basement of her Strauss Street apartment in Brownsville, but she managed to make it outside and collapse on the sidewalk. And the authorities say that an ex-boyfriend had recently violated a restraining order Raoul had against him.

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes says that Raoul got a restraining order against Bernsley Barthemley after he made threatening phone calls to her. On February 16, Barthemley violated it and Raoul was trying to get another restraining order—in fact, she was scheduled to go to court to get one yesterday. The Post describes the February 16 incident: "Barthelemy was arrested Saturday after violating an order of protection by showing up at her apartment and peeking through a window. At his Monday court appearance, the prosecutor asked for $20,000 bail, but Judge Charles Troia set the amount at $7,500 — which he posted."

Hynes said, "Barthelemy is, in every sense, a person of interest," but he's not sure why Raoul was seeking another one. WCBS 2 spoke to women who said restraining orders were "as valuable as toilet paper" and "mean nothing, basically." A defense lawyer also said, "They’re frequently not worth the paper they’re printed on. If a bad guy is bent on violating it, he’s gonna do it."