A Brooklyn woman has been charged with grand larceny after apparently swiping $10 thousand worth of miniature liquor bottles from JFK, where she works as an airplane cleaner.

48-year-old Juanette Cullum was probably just trying to get by like everyone else, helping herself to nips over the course of three years at her job cleaning American Airlines planes
in Terminal 8. It's possible, though, that her habit got a little out of control: According to a complaint, police were sent a tip that prompted them to search Cullum's home, where they found nearly 1,500 tiny bottles in a closet.

"The defendant was a contract employee at Kennedy Airport, who was entrusted with cleaning planes. In addition, however, to tidying up the aircraft the defendant allegedly helped herself to the mini bottles of alcohol on board," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in a statement.

Cullum is awaiting her arraignment on larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. The tiny man she had lovingly supplied with a lifetime of booze was last seen floating toward a storm drain in a thimble, minuscule tears streaming down his dainty cheeks.