More information has emerged about the mysterious, scared-looking wolf discovered wandering the streets of Brooklyn last night: for starters, she's actually a wolf-dog hybrid (as many of our commenters already guessed), and her future is uncertain at the moment.

The wolf-dog was found near Elton St. and Vandalia Ave. in East New York yesterday, wearing a collar and chain that lead authorities to believe she was being kept as an exotic pet. ACC spokesman Richard Gentles said that she's about three years old, 53 pounds, and is probably a cross between a grey wolf and a German shepherd, malamute, or husky. Whatever her lineage, she's considered a wild animal and is illegal to keep as a pet in New York.

“She’s in an unfamiliar environment so she’s nervous and shy, but otherwise she’s in good condition,” Gentles said. “She’s not a wild animal,” he added. Nobody has come forward to claim her, but Gentles said she will not be put up for adoption or released into the wild: “What we’ll try to do is place her with one of the animal groups we partner with that have experience with wolf-dog hybrids,” he said.

And because no urban wolf story would be complete without at least two gratuitous wolf-related pop culture references, we give you Duran Duran: