Yesterday afternoon, the FDNY responded to a fire that broke out in a Midwood apartment building, only to find two girls, ages 1 and 2, alone. The girls' mother had left them with her boyfriend, who went out. Sigh.

A neighbor noticed smoke coming from under the front door. Trina Thomas explained to the Daily News, "I ran upstairs to call the Fire Department. I had no idea there were kids by themselves at the time. If I knew, I would have knocked the door down." Firefighters entered the second-floor apartment through a window and took the girls, wearing "nothing but T-shirts and Pampers," outside. The toddlers were then given coats to wear by Thomas's boyfriend and stepson.

The girls were treated for smoke inhalation at Kings County Hospital. The boyfriend, Steven Vassort, was charged with child endangerment. It's unclear was caused the fire.