The latest feel-good lotto story comes from the Midwood section of Brooklyn, where 19-year-old Waqas Mazhar picked up a $5 scratch-off ticket that made him a millionaire! While on his way to a cricket game with friends in May, he purchased the winning ticket in Garden City, Long Island, but didn't bother cashing it in until he was in the area again... in July!

Mazhar emigrated from Pakistan with his family five years ago, and says, "I just know I want to help my family and I want to stay living with them." He's currently earning his GED at Kingsborough Community College, and plans to keep residing in the bedroom he shares with his three siblings.

All in all he'll be taking in $31,191 (after taxes) every year, for two decades. He told the Daily News that his "goal is to make my family's life easier. We'll plan what to do with the money together." As for his own personal goal? It remains the same; Mazhar is studying history and plans to pursue a career with the federal government.