A 17-year-old Fort Greene resident, visiting Long Island for the first time, was killed outside a home in Central Islip early Sunday morning. According to the Daily News, Eugene Smith "was shot in the back outside the party"—he later died at Southside Hospital—when the party descended into chaos. The party's host said, "We started locking all the doors," when dozens of people showed up, with the overflow spilling onto the street—apparently 100 people may have been there.

Two other men were also shot but are expected to survive. A firefighter who lived on the street told Newsday he heard at least 30 rounds, and other residents said that people were running down the street in all directions. One local civic leader complained about frequent parties at the home on Ackerman Street, "It seems like every weekend the cops are called. Police are doing what they can, but they're not getting much help." Another neighbor said that some neighbors were afraid to go to the police, concerned about gang activity.

Smith's father told the News, "He was my only son and I love him - that's all I can say," while a family friend said, "He was a quiet kid; he didn't get in no trouble. They done something wrong to a good kid, a good family. They have to turn themselves in."