Earlier this month, five Brooklyn high school girls were accused of beating up a fellow classmate with a padlock inside a sock. According to 17-year-old victim Shacara McLaurin, the vicious beating was fueled by jealousy over an upcoming talent show. Now a few weeks later, she's talking about the un-Gleeful experience: "I had a knot in my head. A gash in my head. A gash by my ear which caused me to get six stitches. And I suffered a lot of pain and now I'm not able to hear well," she told ABC.

McLaurin said that she received an ominous Facebook message the day before the attack saying, "they were going to get her and hurt her so she wouldn't ever be able to sing again." She and a friend were jumped outside McLaurin's voice coach the day before the talent show at her school, Brooklyn Academy High School. "I wasn't able to sing. I was able to talk very little. And everybody knows how much I love to sing," she said of the "very traumatizing" experience.

At the time, one of the five teens who jumped her admitted to the assault: "I did fight that day, but nothing was planned. There was a padlock involved," said Chazmia Morrison. All five girls are now facing charges of felony assault, menacing, weapons possession and harassment. McLaurin has healed however, and is in rehearsals for two plays, including "Dinner at Grandma's," which will begin a four-day run May 4 at the Salvation Army Chapel Theater on Lenox Ave. in Harlem. She also says she forgives her attackers: "I just pray for them, that God will help them, save them and use them just like he's using me."