An 18-year-old Brooklyn boy has been charged with assaulting his high school's head dean with an umbrella yesterday. Cavon Telfair—who happens to be the brother of NBA player and Brooklyn basketball star Sebastian Telfair—has been accused of beating up Lincoln High School dean Shawn O'Connor with a black umbrella after O'Connor accused him of throwing rocks at the school faculty.

Cavon was called into see O’Connor, who is also the head coach for the school’s football team, around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. According to the News, Cavon had been spotted tossing rocks and bottles at faculty the day before. Their chat didn't go so well, and school agents had to rush in to restrain the teen. Cavon was later hit with assault charges.

Cavon's three brothers have all been arrested in the past as well: Sebastian Telfair, now 27 and playing for the Phoenix Suns, was arrested in Yonkers in 2007 for driving with a suspended license. Ethan, 17, was busted on gun charges and for trying to bribe a cop in May 2011. And Sylvester has been in and out of jail for multiple charges, including allegedly shooting a drug dealer in the face.