Four years ago, a Williamsburg school teacher filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Education, claiming that her students called her a "b-- licker", would fling condoms at one another and touched her breast because all the DOE did was accuse her of dressing inappropriately. Now, Theresa Reel has accepted a $450,000 settlement.

Reel is thrilled the ordeal is finally behind her, telling the Daily News, “I wasted six years of my life being treated like dirt — less than dirt. I can’t put into words how happy I am." The News also has details of the torment: "One boy allegedly told her: 'I’ve got rubbers — want to party?' Another student accused a classmate of performing a sex act on Reel for good grades, she said.
She recalled one male student crossing a hallway so he could graze her breast with his elbow and then 'smirk' at her."

While the city tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, a judge ruled it could move forward and set a trial date for September. And then Reel got the settlement offer. The city told the News, "The settlement was in the Department of Education’s best interest."