A Brooklyn teacher is out of a job after allegedly making questionable comments about pregnancy while teaching science class.

Rigal Baptiste, 46, was fired from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School after allegedly making comments like, "I hope you're using condoms," to a student after she walked into a classroom with her boyfriend. He also reportedly told a pregnant student that, "You'll be screaming when the little guy comes out."

Baptiste has been fighting his dismissal over the comments (which were from 2011 and 2012), and the 18-year teaching veteran has brought a lawsuit against the Department of Education to try to get his job back.

After missing questions on a sexual education quiz, Baptiste allegedly told a female student, "Don’t worry your husband will show you.”

A representative for Baptiste, Betsy Combier, told DNAinfo that the claims were blown out of proportion. "Kids lie. I don't think they lie very well," she said. "What I do say is there is mobbing. Kids feel powerful when they join together. They go to the principal and they say they saw something."

City lawyers have asked a judge to dismiss Baptiste's case.