In the latest example of sad adults sadly looking for sex in the wrong places, a Brooklyn teacher has accused a Department Of Education investigator of sexually harassing her and blackmailing her into sexting him. Natalya Sokolson Gordon, 44, a computer and fifth-grade teacher at PS 329 in Coney Island, says she felt that she had no choice but to sext with former DOE employee Lawrence Scott, 40, or else he'd fire her.

Scott was assigned to investigate Gordon after she was charged with yelling at and grabbing several students the previous year. “I feel so stupid for believing he would help me,” Gordon told The Post, saying Scott had told her he had the authority to fire her or exonerate her. “I was scared I was going to lose my job. I felt I had no choice. He had my life in his hands.”

The married Scott sent Gordon tons of sexts, including ones about sex positions (“Some may force u to scream"), married life (“We can just enjoy each other’s company . . . A lot if we’re naked lmao.”) and explicit dick pics. Gordon admits she sexted back, and even sent him topless and bottomless photos of herself when he asked for them, but she claims it was all under pressure.

Scott resigned his position in October after being confronted with the texts (275 pages of texts), but claims it was always consensual: “It was the dumbest mistake I ever made,” Scott told the Post. “She initiated it. I never forced anything on her. There was no quid pro quo.” Gordon has claimed Scott also groped her breasts and put his hand between her legs during an official meeting.