The Brooklyn DA's office revealed more disturbing details about a Brooklyn Tech High School teacher's alleged criminal sexual assaults of students. Prosecutor Joseph Mancino said, "He brought [one] to a sex club out of state, where he performed sex acts on other people and other people performed sex acts on him."

The Daily News was a little more specific, noting that he "[carried] on a 'four-month sexual relationship' with yet another teen, which included a trip to an out-of-state gay-themed sex club where she watched him getting 'serviced' by other men." In another instance, regarding a 15-year-old student he allegedly took to a nude beach in NJ and gave her tequila, Jack Daniel's and vodka until she passed out, he "[exchanged] some 10,000 text messages with that same girl, in which he asked her to participate in lesbian sex with another student and told her about his experience with a ménage-à-trois and gay sex."

Shaynak, 44, who taught math and science and ran an aerospace club at the school, has pleaded not guilty to a 36-count indictment related to victims from 13 to 19 years of age. One student told the News, "Some people were aware of it. They said that they saw it coming, that he was a perv — the way he looked at girls. I find that really gross." Another told the Post, "He’d always have students come visit him, kids that were not in the club, mostly very good-looking girls, the best-looking girls in our school."

Mancino said, "The defendant clearly looked to groom these students," and added that among the videos found on Shaynak's various computers, investigators found "[videos of sex acts between] humans and dogs to humans and horses."

Police started to look more closely at his activities after he was accused of sending a full-frontal naked picture of himself via Snapchat to a student. The Post reports, "The suspect — dressed in a suit and necktie instead of the goofy bow ties he favored in school — was dripping sweat as he sat in handcuffs at court."

His defense lawyer claimed in the case of the 10,000 texts sent to one student, "One of them was routinely contacting him, and that might explain the voluminous text messages." The NY Times adds, "A Maryland court issued a six-month restraining order against Mr. Shaynak in 2005, but attempts to contact the woman who requested the order were unsuccessful on Tuesday, and details of why she had it were not immediately available."

Shaynak is being held on $1 million bail or $600,000 cash bond, which he hasn't posted yet. While the Department of Education has taken out of teaching situations, he's still collecting his $52,000 salary.