It's safe to say there is no scenario in which locking kids in closets is okay. And yet, here we are: a Brooklyn day care teacher has been accused of locking toddlers in a closet as part of a game to teach them "how to survive."

The Post says they saw surveillance video showing teacher Shandra Fallen, 25, and her assistant, Amellia Samuda, 34, taking two-year-olds into a classroom closet at Pinocchio Children’s Palace in East Flatbush. In the video (the Post only has screenshots), Fallen can allegedly be seen putting several students into the closet, one at a time, for anywhere from three to 10 minutes each.

Day care owner Tatiana Ilyaich says she found out about the abuse in June, when she heard crying coming from Fallen’s classroom across the hall from her office. When she opened the closet and found a toddler inside, Ilyaich claims the teachers "started laughing." She says Fallen told her, "It’s kind of a game we’re playing with the kids."

Ilyaich reported the incident to authorities, informed parents, and fired both teachers the next day. Fallen applied for unemployment soon after, and told a Labor Department official a similar story about what happened, saying it "was kind of a game, that they were teaching [the kids] how to survive if they are by themselves."

The Administration for Children’s Services and the city Health Department said they investigated, but there is no record of the case with the NYPD or Brooklyn's DA's office. Gabrielle Henmings, the mother of a two-year-old who was placed in the closet, is now suing Pinocchio, Fallen and Samuda in Brooklyn Supreme Court for unspecified damages, and is accusing the teachers and the day care of negligence.