2008_05_jamesmadison.gifA 16-year-old student at James Madison High School was arrested after a teacher discovered a note outlining a murderous plot. Apparently Badrakh Byambadorj was planning on both blowing up the school and killing three people-- according to the NY Times, "a teacher, a student and an employee at the McDonald’s across the street"--as well as others at an intersection.

No weapons were found at the Marine Park school (there are no lockers there), though weapons and their prices were mentioned in the notes. A police source told the Daily News it was a "Columbine-like" plot. The school was not evacuated and it's unclear whether students' parents were told of the plot.

Byambadorj was charged with aggravated harassment and making terrorist threats; two other classmates were also questioned but not charged. Among James Madison's alumni: Andrew Dice Clay, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Charles Schumer, Chris Rock and Carole King.