When a single mother realized she had the winning ticket for a $13.5 million lottery, she just told her diary. Brooklyn resident Sharisee Frails told reporters, "I didn’t tell anybody initially — I simply just wrote it down in my secret diary."

Frails bought the ticket at the Express Stop Candy Store on Livingston Street on December 18 but didn't check her numbers until last week. The 42-year-old former Verizon worker suffered a stroke eight years ago and uses a motorized scooter; she said, "It’s been a struggle for me to be disabled, for me to get out and maintain the household... This win will allow us to live a more comfortable life now."

Frails, who has two children, is taking a lump sum payout of $5.72million after taxes. She says she'll buy a new home—still in Brooklyn—and will share her riches with her family.