We thought our old roommate who left behind a used condom in a dust bunny after he moved out was disgusting, but he seems like a paragon of good hygiene compared to these revolting animals, who are competing for "bragging rights" (and $1,000) in a nationwide "Dirtiest Apartment" contest. Two of the finalists hail from right here in Brooklyn, and the Daily News gave one of them, 29-year-old Lisa Henderson, her 15 minutes of shame (photo #3). She wouldn't let the tabloid's photographer shoot inside, however, because her mommy had just arrived from Arkansas to clean up her adult daughter's mess. On the contest's website, Henderson explains the wretched squalor:

Summer in the city, with NO air conditioner, means that I either stay at work or play outside! It also means that as the apartment temperature increases, lots of scents start to fester... whether it's moldy fruit or my feet, it's not a fun place to be. In fact, had I known about this contest three weeks ago, I would've taken pictures of the three dead mice that I found under the fridge. I found them b/c everytime I opened the fridge, I was hit in the face with 'rotten mouse' smell and my ice cubes made my water taste a little funky.

And Henderson tells the News, "I'm out for bragging rights. It must mean I'm really special." But her 33-year-old roommate, Craig Wright, isn't so pumped about the contest, and clearly needs a U.N. intervention: "I'm completely embarrassed that my filthy roommate did this. I have clutter; hers is filth. I have papers piled up. She has coffee with green stuff floating on top."

Because the contest favors those slobs with social networks big enough to pad the vote, Henderson isn't even close to winning, but at least she's still in the lead against Brooklyn's other proud pig, "Messy Jessie" (photo 2). Alas, poor "Watersev" from Jersey is in last place with a pitiful three votes, but if there was a sub-category for most appalling bathroom, he/she/it would be a lock! Hold on to your stomach and click photo #6!