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The tragic shooting death of unarmed teenager, Timothy Stansbury Jr., by Officer Richard S. Neri Jr. while patroling an apartment rooftop at 4AM, is causing strife through various police ranks. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly immediately moved to make statements about the shooting; Mayor Bloomberg visited Stansbury's family and called the shooting a tragedy, Commissioner Kelly said the shooting seemed unjustified. Now the head of the police union says Commissioner Kelly was "absolutely wrong" to make a judgement before an investigation has been made, feeling politics behind it all (right now, the Brooklyn DA is investigating the shooting, and depending on the findings, a grand jury could indict Officer Neri of criminally negligent homicide or second degree manslaughter). That may be, but considering one of the worst moments in recent NYPD vs. the community history, the shooting of Amadou Diallo is still in people's memories, it's hard to fault the Mayor and Police Commissioner for trying to react swiftly.

The NY Times on patrolling rooftops of housing projects.