There's a pretty big sex club hidden in a hangar-like space somewhere around the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens, where every weekend swingers and single fornicators come together for a little coitus, voyeurism, and baked ziti. Times reporter Alan Feuer has a detailed profile on the place, which charges $40 for couples, $90 for single men, and admits unescorted women—"who are sex-club gold"—free of charge. During his time at the nameless club, which he says is located somewhere between a cement plant and the Gowanus Expressway, Feuer observes the usual out-of-shape, middle-age group sex action you'd expect, plus a girl-on-girl show between two young women who "mauled each other with the energy of terriers mating." The club's proprietor, one Mistress Wanda, tells him, "Everybody comes here: cops, postmen, bus drivers. I went to a funeral last month and recognized a pallbearer." For added flavor, the article comes with one of those 360 panorama photo spreads, depicting a carpet as sad as you'd expect. UPDATE: Naturally, our readers know the place: It's called Casbar, and it's further south than we suspected, in Sunset Park. See you all there Saturday for their Recession Buster Pizza Party! [Via Curbed]