Brooklyn's James Madison High School is turning out to be a hotbed of Sex Ed. Yesterday it was reported that two female teachers were caught naked in a classroom together by a seemingly unopportunistic janitor — however, the Post now says that the janitor thought the teachers were students! (So really he was just being smart by not getting involved.) Meanwhile, there's now a third female being investigated. Allison Musacchio didn't share her colleagues interest in experimentation however, she went straight for the cliched-yet-still-scandalous teacher-student hook-up.

Social studies instructor Musacchio, 31 (pictured, far left), has now joined Alini Brito (far right) and Cindy Mauro (center) in the rubber room, after allegedly having relations with a male student. According to the Daily News, kids at the school have known about the affair since March, when a girl saw her ex's phone number in Musacchio's cell phone. Enter: sexting!

Officials discovered over 200 texts and calls between the two. And where teenagers are involved, there's often a game of telephone — The News says that a neighbor says that Musacchio said that the rumor is absolutely not true, adding, "With my Greek background, I would never do something like that. I have morals and respect." Okay, case closed... any more photos surface of the language-teaching lesbian lovers on that Facebook page (which Musacchio is a member of)? Reportedly Ms. Mauro recently "went punk, dying her hair pink, getting several new tattoos, and wearing tight, low-cut clothing"... though photos taken of her outside her Bay Ridge apartment yesterday show her as a blonde. Still, one neighbor said, "She would have parties until 3 a.m. with mostly female guests. There would be people coming in at all hours making noise."