After hearing that 250 to 400 Canada geese were relocated from their Prospect Park home to a nearby gas chamber, locals are mourning their old feathered friends. The move was part of the plan to reduce the geese population near the city's major airports, since one of their clan took down US Airways Flight 1549. Last Thursday the birds were captured, brought to the gassing facility, and dead within five minutes of the carbon dioxide entering their systems—they are currently buried in a mass grave.

With the lake emptied of geese, the Brooklyn Paper strolled over for some reactions from residents—who sound like they'd rather have the geese than airplanes in their neighborhood. One man told the paper, “It’s appalling how it was done—gassing the geese. I guess I never thought about how they would go about it.” Another wondered if "animal rights groups could have found another place to put the geese.”

Maybe the U.S. Department of Agriculture should have at least given locals a chance to take home a mounted goose to hang in their brownstone. If nothing else, it would be a constant reminder of what one man declared; he told the paper things like this should make people more aware of the consequences of air travel, noting, "it’s like knowing where your chicken comes from—it might come from some horrible factory.”