Yay! It's gorgeous outside, it's a Friday, and there's a story about an animal bothering New Yorkers - these things make for a very good Gothamist day. In Prospect Heights, a rooster has been waking up residents a little too early with his crack-of-dawn cock-a-doodle-dooing. The rooster's sounds span Dean Street from Vanderbilt to Underhill, creating quite a stir. A sampling of some attitudes:

- "I like to call him 'KFC,' because I'd like to see him on a plate."
- "That rooster doesn't know how to tell time."
- "He's cute. If you can live through the firetrucks and police sirens you can live through a rooster."

Neighbors have called the Animal Control and 311 to catch him, but, so far, they've been unsuccessful - five officers couldn't catch him.

There has been a rooster that kept Harlem residents awake, a rooster who made friends with many races in Chinatown, and a chicken that lived in the Queens backyard of NY Times former restaurant critic/current book critic William Grimes.