A 60-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested for the lucky 169th time this week. Registered sex offender Giovanni Verdelli was picked up by the PAPD in Jersey City on Monday after being identified from a cellphone picture. The picture had been taken by a Jersey City woman who says he groped her on the PATH on both June 30 and July 3.

Verdelli is not a stranger to being arrested, though according to authorities most of his priors were not sex-related and instead involved things like jumping turnstiles and drug possession. According to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio Verdelli "was placed on the sex offender registry after a groping incident on a New York City subway train, which resulted in a conviction on a forcible touching charge, essentially the equivalent of the criminal sexual contact charges in New Jersey."

Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman told reporters that Verdelli was arrested wearing the same clothes he had on in the cell phone picture his victim had taken of him. He also had some pot on him. Verdelli was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact, a fourth-degree offense—he faces up to 18 months for each charge. Which gives him some time to figure out what to do for arrest 170?