php5lARm7PM.jpgBrooklyn dog owners have been at a loss about where to bring their furry friends in the borough, and some new signs reminding them they're not welcome in Prospect Park have locals in an uproar. The Brooklyn Paper reports that the new signs, which states "Dogs are permitted only on the paths around the ballfields," have locals thinking "park officials are arbitrarily enforcing regulations and unfairly targeting their four-legged friends." If your pup is found outside of the designated perimeters, or without a leash, it's a $100 fine. One park-goer says it's frustrating that the park cops "strictly enforce dog rules, but they turn a blind eye to everything else that takes place in the park” -- and ticketing is expected to go up now that the signs are in place. Meanwhile, those raccoons are just walking around like they own the place.