2007_03_netflixdvd.jpgThere may be some crappy post offices in Brooklyn, but the Brooklyn Public Library is trying to expand its offerings for members. The Post reports that the library has been talking to Netflix to allow library members to rent DVDs - for free - as well as home delivery. So you could check out books and movies from the comfort of your own home - never leave your apartment again!

Dionne Mack-Harvin was appointed as the new executive director of the Brooklyn Public Library yesterday. Mack-Harvin, who started as a librarian at the Crown Heights library, mentioned home delivery option and said, "What other places have done is they've actually outsourced that to someone else. So we would authorize UPS or FedEx to actually take on that service on behalf of the borough."

Brooklyn Library CFO John Vitali mentioned the Netflix talks, noting that the library could save money by using Netflix since it's expensive to buy new DVDs.

Asked why the company would agree to a deal that might cut into its own subscriber base, Vitali responded: "We'd be paying them to do something. They'd be the provider of a service."

That's as good a reason as any! However, Netflix's spokesman had no idea about the deal - maybe it's super top-level and on the DL right now. And did you know the Brooklyn Public Library (not affiliated with the New York Public Library) is the fifth largest is the country?