While some fancy schoolchildren get field trips to the mortuary or the plane-arium, over at Multicultural HS in Cypress Hills they do things a little differently. The Post reports that the school's principal, Altagracia Liciaga, was recently reprimanded for pulling five students out of class one day in December and sending them to pick up school furniture in midtown with an uninsured U-Haul truck. The students at the mostly immigrant school were given tacos for their day's work, but it's lucky no one was hurt: one kid tells the Post that three students rode in the back of the truck with a dozen heavy cabinets, "including one teen who tied himself down with a scarf to keep from bouncing around like a pinball." Well, at least the field trip taught them some important life lessons about self-preservation?

None of the parents of the students who volunteered to help signed permission slips, and after an investigation, Liciaga received a letter of reprimand. She's previously been criticized for other unorthodox methods: sources at the mostly-immigrant high school say she once told students involved in a cafeteria fight that immigration officials would be called. And one Department of Education source says Liciaga deserves more than just a slap on the wrist, telling the tabloid, "A letter of reprimand is an outrageously light punishment for such an egregious breach of parents' trust." But hey, like every principal across New York City is probably saying this morning, at least she's not a white supremacist.