Jurors sitting on a federal corruption case heard a recording yesterday of allegedly crooked Canarsie state Sen. John Sampson coaching a friend at length on how to hide evidence from prosecutors, but telling him, "I don't want you to lie." John Sampson was facing charges that he embezzled $440,000 from foreclosed home sales, and in 2006 allegedly borrowed $188,500 from developer Edul Ahmad to restore some of it. A federal judge threw out the embezzlement charges over statute of limitation concerns, so the focus is now on Sampson's alleged efforts to cover up his misdeeds, with Ahmad turned state's evidence.

The tape came from Ahmad wearing a wire to a 2012 meeting at an Italian restaurant in Howard Beach, where the two met to discuss Sampson's mounting legal troubles. On the recording, Ahmad lies to Sampson and tells him the feds have subpoenaed a check register that shows the $188,500 loan, which Sampson tells him "opens up a can of worms." He proceeds to tell Ahmad what to do to keep that can shut, speaking in a loud voice for more legal-sounding suggestions and in a whisper for urges to lie.

"Don't say you don't have it. Just say you don't know. I don't want you to lie. Just say you don't know," Sampson said, according to Newsday. "I don't want you to lie. Say, 'I don't know. This is all I have. That's it.'"

The mafioso surveillance-avoidance techniques didn't end there, according to the Daily News.

Sampson rushed to Ahmad's office [a month later,] after their mole in the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's office was exposed, and they huddled in the bathroom with the fan turned on to muffle their conversation.

Sampson allegedly begged said mole to tell him who was snitching on him and said he'd like to "take them out." He was reelected with 86 percent of the vote back in November, despite the looming federal indictments for alleged obstruction of justice and witness tampering, as well as allegedly lying to investigators about his ownership of a liquor store. Sampson was criticized during the campaign for $10,500 in donations from alleged Gambino crime family associate George Fortunato, a fellow Sampson said is a friend.