2006_06_chaung.jpgYet another story about how social networking sites can be dangerous! And this one involves a Brooklyn man who posed as various female Facebook members' friends to get them to somehow give him nude pictures and force them to be his friend. The Post reports that 20 year old Elvin Chaung was charged with identity theft, computer trespass and tampering, coercion and grand larceny after it turned out he was using his Facebook account to conning students at Hunter College, Columbia University and other schools. Chaung's plan:

- Learn as much about a Facebook member as possible, and then claim to be a friend using another account due to "computer problems"
- Then ask for photographs of the women in normal poses, then in bikinis or lingerie, saying he needed them for an art project
- Ask for a nude photograph, and if they wouldn't agree, he would threaten to "plaster the bikini or lingerie shots around their schools unless they complied"

Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau said, "Students think that because they're on a secure Web site like Facebook that they're safe from online predators. They're not." We cannot wait for Dateline to do a "To Catch a Facebook Predator" show!

The Post has a graphic showing one conversation between Chaung and a victim. Sidebar: Instant messaging-speak makes us CRAZY.